Elite - VIP Rank

60.00 30.00 USD

This one-off, non-refundable donation gives you full access to all ELITE perks, forever on our Slayers 2X Server!

ELITE members have access to the following:
• Raid Alerts!: Get Discord notifications whenever you are being Raided, never get Offline Raided again!
• Instant Craft: Craft all items instantly! Only accessible to VIP Elites.
• Bypass Queue: Jump to the front of queues & bypass the pop limit
• In-game & Discord Name Title: Get the [Elite] tag + role in-game and in Discord
• VIP Lounge Access: Gain access to the #vip-lounge channel in Discord
• Premium Skinbox: Access to the Skin Box Plugin to skin all skinnable items
• Vanilla Remove Tool: Type /remove to remove walls with Left click for only 5 minutes after placement
• Enhanced Hammer: Instantly upgrade walls by hitting them with a hammer
• Auto Doors:
Doors automatically close behind you. Type /ad to turn this off
• Quick Sort:
Deposit organised loot and sort it easily with this extra UI menu
• Sign Artist:
Paste web images onto signs! Type /sil <link.jpg> to paste an image
• Furnace Splitter:
Automatically sort all furnace items
• BGrade:
Automatically place upgraded walls without a hammer! Type /bgrade 1-4
• Stat Track:
Get kill stats on your weapon with a small UI to keep track of kills
• Hit Icon: Crosshair/red skull icon appears when you get hits / kills
• Trophy Signs: Place your enemies skull on a spear or a sign outside your base, show your dominance!
• Backpack: Backpack with 3 Extra inventory rows used with /backpack
• Mymini: Spawn your own Mini-Copter every 2 Hours with /mymini
• Spawn Car: Spawn your own Car every 2 Hours with /spawncar

• Access to the MOST EXCLUSIVE Discord channel we offer: #ELITE (This channel consists of very exclusive and unique chat, offers, events, detailed server launches and a constant chat flow with the owners of the server).

Once purchased your rank will be activated instantly!