Pookie Bear Adoption

8.99 4.50 USD

This is a lifetime kit which will stay on your account forever!

This kit was requested, not only to receive Pookie Bears but to support the server with supplementary donations at your own goodwill and support. As we highly value a no pay-to-win server, we do not provide weapons or resources to purchase in this donator store.

Adopt Pookie Bears today, endangered Bears in the lands of Rust, un-craftable and rare little guys. Worthy companions who bring luck and happiness to your base. Give them names, make them a cozy place to be placed on walls, floors or tabletops and make sure you leave a lantern always on for them as they don't like the dark. Pookie Bears provide the Comfort status to anyone nearby. The primary use of a Pookie Bear (apart from being freaking awesome) is to regenerate Health and mitigate the effects of Radiation through its Comfort status.

 1 Pookie Bear is redeemable every 3 hours! See how many you can collect in the span of a wipe!

 Just type /kit to access it:

Your kit will be activated instantly upon successful payment.

There are no commands needed and no need to re-log.

Your donation keeps Slayers Rust alive, thank you <3

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