Gradient Name 👑

100.00 50.00 USD

Our Super Supporter Rank 🌟

This is higher priced than most of our packages, the purpose is to support us for an exclusively higher rank. Its availability and price are limited because we only want to sell a few of these so that a large number of players don't buy it, otherwise, our in-game chat would become unpleasant to look at.

After purchase, you must request which colour-gradient combination you want, and Darko will work with you and tailor it to how you want until you're happy. Darko is the owner of SlayersRust and is also responsible for the graphic design aspects of our servers. You cannot set the colour yourself.

We are only selling 10 of these in stock! Each colour combination is exclusive to each player. You cannot have the same colour as anyone else, so buy it fast if you want to claim yours before it's taken!

Just a few examples of what is possible:

Your new name will apply to ALL our servers

After purchase, tag @Darko in our Discord and he'll be with you. Thank you for your on-going support to our non-P2W community! ❤️