Mini-Me In-Game Bots

200.00 100.00 USD

Ever wanted to add yourself into a Video game!? Add your character into the game permanently! 🌟

This is higher priced than most of our packages, the purpose is to support us for an ULTRA Exclusive item. Its availability and price are limited because we only want to sell a few of these so that a large number of players don't buy it, otherwise it wouldn't be as Special.

You will be Permanently Added into our server as a Botspawn that spawns in a location every Hour, you can choose what monument you'd like your bot to control and how much HP you will have. We can also adjust the amount of Damage you do In-Game and your accuracy.

After purchase, you must send us the In-Game Skins you'd like to use for your character including the Weapon you'd like to wield to kill your enemies, and Darko will work with you and tailor it to how you want until you're happy. Darko is the owner of SlayersRust and is also responsible for all design aspects of our servers. 

We are only selling 10 of these in stock! Each creation is exclusive to each player. You cannot have the same skins as anyone else, so buy it fast if you want to claim yours before it's taken!

Just an examples of what is possible:

After purchase, tag @Darko in our Discord and he'll be with you. Thank you for your on-going support to our friendly community! ❤️